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back again [Thursday, August 5th, 2010 ? 11:34pm]
i've been on sea monkey hiatus for two years, and i'm feeling the itch to start a new tank.

there are no sea monkeys in my immediate future [Monday, November 10th, 2008 ? 3:58pm]
i spent a lot of time today cleaning my room and hanging up some paintings i had done during the summer. when i was finished, everything looked so nice and cozy - and pink, because my walls (what you can see of them!) are pink and i have a pink lampshade.

so i decided to open my Sea Monkey Friendship Locket Kit and hatch a tank.

so i have the tank on my dresser filled with water and the water purifier. my mum comes in to see my paintings and she saw the tank on my dresser. she thought it was a snowglobe and before i could tell her otherwise she picked it up, tilted it - and water with water purifier went all over my dresser.

i was cursing and swearing a storm as i grabbed a pair of pajama pants and mopped up the water from my dresser. she was horrified when i told her that it was a sea monkey tank, not a snowglobe, but i reassured her that there were no monkeys in the tank yet, that you have to let the purifier sit for a day before you add the monkeys.

so on the plus side, no monkeys were harmed. on the down side, my mum is upset, even though i kept telling her it's okay, that it doesn't matter, and i'm upset, because i was lying through my teeth and it's not okay, it does matter, i was looking forward to having sea monkeys again and now i can't. i have the eggs, i have the food, i don't have any purifier left.

the tank has about a quarter of the water left in it - i'm tempted to fill it up with water and try hatching them tomorrow. i don

wow [Monday, February 18th, 2008 ? 7:04pm]
Sea Monkeys Buy In Bulk Sea Monkey Eggs: Get 500,000 Sea Monkey Eggs Only $6.00

oh, ebay *pet pet*

although i do have my doubts about the authenticity of the product -

Are These Sea Monkeys?

Yes they are, our plain packaging has helped us reduce the cost of this product greatly.


the status checker has not been updated yet but i remain confident that the sea monkeys will arrive this week.
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um [Sunday, February 17th, 2008 ? 6:16am]
this looks like a happy place to live.

i've been looking up youtube videos of sea monkeys. they look kind of creepy. look at them swim! all those legs, they look like little spiders. and they look so manic!

what have i gotten myself into?
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status check 2 [Friday, February 15th, 2008 ? 3:15pm]
Your item left the United States from NJI at 9:49 PM on February 14, 2008.

i hope they're having a fun journey. looks like they've crossed the border.

status check 1 [Friday, February 15th, 2008 ? 5:35am]
according to the tracking website -

Your item was accepted at 4:10 PM on February 13, 2008 in WILSON, NC 27893. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.


i can't wait!

i know they're just little brine-shrimp-things but it blows my mind away that you add WATER and POWDER and get LIFE. i mean, man. talk about a miracle.

squee! [Wednesday, February 13th, 2008 ? 10:20pm]
__lovebuzzz ordered Sea Monkeys for me and i can hardly wait til they get there. my new obsession cost, with shipping and handling 43$ canadian.

soon, soon!
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